San Marcos Art League Fine Arts Scholarship Application 2019 

San Marcos Art League scholarships are open to all high school seniors living in San Marcos or attending San Marcos High School who wish to pursue higher education in any of the visual or performing arts. Scholarships are for college expenses only and usually range from $500-$1000, depending on the funds available and number of applicants.

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To complete your application, please send the following required documents to 1. Personal statement (1 page essay) expressing your goals and why you should be considered for a scholarship. 2. Two letters of recommendation (must be sent from two different references) 3. A resume listing: school and community activities, positions of responsibility and leadership, honors and awards, work experience, participation in extracurricular activities, and participation in competitions, art shows, live productions, etc. 4. 3-6 images of your recent work, OR electronic portfolio (to include information on size, medium, date, etc.), OR video of performance art (to include information on event, date, location, etc.)