new logo.jpg

The SMAL logo was designed and created

by artist Bill Gibbs.


“There is no reason to create what has already been created. Everything is symbolic. My art is color, form and harmony inspired by nature, science, spirituality and human perception.”

Bill Gibbs works with colors and shapes to influence an emotion for the visual statement. He seeks to create a different perspective. His artwork tells his story.

Bill likes working with a variety of media; photography, painting, printmaking, watercolor, collaborations and graphic design. His art training began in high school and continued at the Kansas City Art Institute (painting & drawing, printmaking). He was a member of the Middle Grey Photography Association at Texas State University and has attended TPPA Photogenesis conventions in San Marcos. He is also a member of the San Marcos Art League.

Most of Bill's working career has been in the mechanical trades in a variety of institutions. This is reflected in his photography and paintings, lending a mechanical and/or graphic nature to his art. Bill's main influences are Warhol, Klein, Calder and Man Ray. 

Bill has had his work shown at West Gallery/Flatbed Press in Austin, Zosima and The Walker’s Gallery in San Marcos, Texas.

Bill Gibbs may be reached at: