Cynthia Smith-Neun

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Cynthia Smith has been selling her hand-painted posters and signage since she was nine years old and selling her fine art since high school.  She has sold well over 800 paintings and thousands of posters and signs in Washington, Idaho and Nevada.  She has won many awards.  Now, at the mature age of 64, she is emerging again as a Texas Artist for the first time.  She is a contemporary artist painting daily in acrylics and watercolors and has over 260 paintings in her current collection in a very wide range of styles and spontaneous techniques. And, now, there is even more, Spring Lake and Mermaids, as Cynthia prepares new work for the upcoming Mermaid Artist Faire, Artisan Alley Market on September 16th.  

To see more of Cynthia's work:

Pictured here with granddaughter and artist, Layla, age 7.