Lisa McPike Smith - Hep Cat Artworks


After receiving my BFA from Texas State University, I moved to Colorado to design and paint tiles for Capco. I returned to my home state of Texas a decade ago and have been selling my work in the hill country ever since. I’ve been a professional ceramic artist for 25 years.

Specializing in block-prints in clay, I hand-carve my images into sheets of rubber and when they are pressed onto sheets of clay the reverse image is revealed. I have developed several lines of functional, as well as decorative ceramics that I produce regularly. My work is made of low-fired or raku-fired earthenware clay and glazes and, on occasion, high-fired stoneware.

I also create mixed media art using my ceramics along with found objects including excavated antique porcelain doll parts from doll factories dating back to the late 1800’s in Germany. When I come across a broken or tarnished item that still has artistic merit, I try and give it a second life.  In many of my pieces, I took broken figures and turned them into something stronger with a new sense of purpose.

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