Karen Meador

Karen Meador, PhD, who lives at Dreamcatcher Ranch in San Marcos, is a retired professor, educational consultant and musician whose research endeavors focused on creative thinking and gifted education. Her numerous books and articles for teachers addressed these topics. Currently, Karen applies creative thinking to jewelry work in wire, metal and torch enameled pieces, many of which have been published in jewelry-making magazines. She now writes tutorials on a regular basis for online publications. 

Karen began making jewelry as an outlet to utilize her years of learning and teaching about the creative process. She was driven deeply into art by the desire to experiment and try new things. “What would happen if . . . ?“ is a common question in her studio. She starts a piece with a broad set of parameters and then looks for “opportunities” within what occurs during the creation. One of her beliefs is “just keep making (being fluent) and something nice will eventually happen.” Therefore, something is always in process in her studio.

Retired?  Perhaps!

Karen's work may be seen at: