Vendor Application Form for the Artisan Alley Arts Market

Name *
This will be used by the jury to determine the quality/acceptability of your work. If you do not have an online presence, enter "N/A" and submit three images to the Art Market Director at
Street, City, State, Zip
I certify that I am the original artist/artisan and all work to be sold is made by me. *
I have read and will comply with the guidelines set forth on the Information Sheet for the Mermaid Art Market *
I understand that I must pay the $15 non-refundable Application Fee to be considered for the art market *
There is a 3% convenience charge added to the application fee.
I understand that if I don't have a website or online presence, that I must email three images to the Market Director.
I have a valid Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit *
All applicants must have a valid Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit. By checking yes, you state that you are in compliance with this requirement and that you agree to have the Permit on show premises with you at all times.
Waiver *
All participating artists must read and sign this waiver: The undersigned does for himself, herself, his and her heirs, and assigns, hereby forever waive, release and discharge the San Marcos Art League, agent, board, volunteers and members from any and all manner of actions, suits, damages, claims and demands whatsoever, in law and equity, for any loss or damage to the undersigned's property, and for personal liability. This includes art events and shows, as well as field trips, workshops, and other meetings. This protection will extend to the host venue and its employees, volunteers, administration, and board members. By checking "I agree", you acknowledge and agree that neither the San Marcos Art League nor its agents will provide any security or protection for entries and that their display will be at the sole risk of the submitter. In addition, the undersigned, by checking "I agree", grants permission for the San Marcos Art League and/or its agents to use photographic images of the event and its participants and/or their work for use in show publicity.